Maps can serve many purposes, from finding your way from place to place, to communicating important information about an area, to studying geographic distributions of customers, birds or just about anything else. Using ArcView, the industry standard in geographic information software, I have created everything from simple maps that highlight ways to reach a particular location to complex maps designed to display the distribution and movement of surface water through a watershed. I can create maps for you that will highlight and communicate what is important to you and I can create maps that will help you better understand and act on complex geographic information.

I also have extensive experience working with the Google Maps interface, which is rapidly becoming the standard for integrating interactive maps into websites.

To see some examples of web-based maps I have created, please visit these web pages:

  • - A Google Map based system with icons dynamically added on top using data from a database that supports the website.
  • - A custom-built mapping system that allows for more control over the details of the map than can be achieved with Google Maps. Try zooming in using the control on the left and try clicking on the stars and parks on the map.
  • - Another Google Map based system with icons added dynamically on top. Note the tools for visitors to the website to submit information.

For more information, please contact me.